Our partners and associates are all graduates of top Chinese and/or foreign law schools. And also, many of our attorneys have worked with leading law firms and other professional organizations in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Korea and Japan.  Our individual legal experiences acquired in China and abroad have enabled us to build a legal practice that meets international standards and high expectations of our Chinese and foreign clients. Most of our attorneys are in good command of English and some of them are proficient in German and Japanese.

In order to update and improve our knowledge in law and technology applicable to the legal profession, we have invested heavily in legal and technical training programs. For instance, we are developing associate-exchange programs with several leading foreign law firms. In addition, our attorneys are encouraged to further develop and improve their legal research skills through the Internet and other information technology services. In order to ensure that our attorneys remain on top of local and international economic, political and legal developments, we have subscribed many legal and business journals and news magazines and encouraged our attorneys to participate in academic and professional activities organized and/or sponsored by major academic and professional organizations.

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