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Pan Xinggao
Language: Chinese & English
Phone: 86-10-65693399
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Weichai Power (000338.SZ, 2338.HK), Lukang Pharmaceutical (600789.SH), YTO Group (601038.SH, 0038.HK), Yutong Group (600066.SH), North Glass Corp. (002613.SH), Inspur Software (600756.SH), Inspur Electronic Information (000977.SZ), Sichuan Lutianhua (000912.SZ), Huiyuan Juice (1886.HK), Kanghua Healthcare (3689.HK), Colour Life (1778.HK), ZhongAo Home (1538.HK), Fantasia Holdings (1777.HK), Credit China (8207.HK), Tianhe Chemicals (1619.HK), Tian Shan Development (2118.HK), Zhongwang Holdings (1333.HK), Qinfa Group (0866.HK), Vitar International (0195.HK), Areheda Mining (Toronto SE)



Acquisition of Xiang Torch (000549.SZ), KION Group, Ferretti and Moteurs Baudouin by Weichai Power, acquisition of Pirelli Group by CNRC and injection of Pirelli global industrial tyre assets into Aeolus (600469.SH), acquisition of Shanghai Huchang (600665.SH) by Xi'an Real Estate, acquisition of Credit China (8207.HK) by UCF Group, acquisition of Yinmai Beer by Tsingtao Brewery, strategic investment in Haohua Chemical by China Everbright Group, strategic investment in BlueStar (Group) by Blackstone Group, acquisition of Kaiyuan International by Colour Life,  acquisition of Wanda Property Management by Fantasia Holdings


Other Achievements

Onshore and offshore bond issue by State Grid, Weichai Power, Fantasia Holdings, Huiyuan Juice and Yutong Group.

Capital increase to Delicious Nowait by Baidu, Citic Capital and Tiantu, capital increase to Meila by IDG, Tiantu and Morningside.

Reorganization of Haohua Chemical and Shandong Heavy Industry Group.

Permanent legal adviser to several listed companies in Hong Kong and Mainland China.


PRC Lawyer's License (1999)

Work experience

1996-2001 Shandong Quancheng Law Firm, Lawyer

2001-2005 Beijing Zhongyin Law Firm, Lawyer

2005-2007 Beijing Zhonglun Law Firm, Lawyer

2007- Current, Commerce & Finance Law Offices, Equity Partner


Capital Market / Securities, M&A, Corporate & Foreign Investment, Private Equity & Investment Fund, Reorganization & Reform of SOEs, Securitization & Financial Products


Shandong University (LL.B.) 1996


Beijing Office