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Chen Jing
Language: Chinese and English
Phone: 86-10-65693399

Mr. Chen has been cooperating with the State Intellectual Property Office and Beijing Intellectual Property Office in various fields including 'Patent Evaluation', while also a key participant of the 'Measures of Beijing Municipality for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights during Exhibitions' legislative project. As either the legal representative or key member, he is involved extensively in numerous cases in the field of electronics, communication, internet information safety, mechanics, chemical engineering, pharmaceutical and cultural entertainment, many of these cases are selected by the Chinese Supreme Court as the 'Ten Innovative Intellectual Property Cases', 'Ten Intellectual Property Cases Heard by Chinese Courts', 'Ten Innovative Intellectual Property Cases Heard by Chinese Courts', etc.

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P.R. China Licensed Lawyer

Work experience

From Jul 2006 to Feb 2011, Ms. Chen worked as a research manager in Beijing century balance intellectual property management consultant Co., Ltd and worked as an assistant lawyer, a lawyer in Beijing Xin Rui Law Firm. After that, from Mar 2011 till now, she has been working as a lawyer, partner in Commerce & Finance Law Offices.


Relative Issues and Suggestions on the Recording of Trademark Use Licensing Contracts: An Analysis of the Arbitrational Dispute on the Licensing Contract of the 'WAHAHA' Trademark, Vol. 11, Chinese Lawyer, 2009.

Analysis on the Enterprise Trademark Campaign Based on the 'Order' Event of Lying, China Intellectual Property News, Nov. 29, 2006. 

Taking Advantage of Asset Evaluation to Solve Patent Infringement Litigation Problems, China Intellectual Property News, March. 21, 2007. 

On the Intellectual Property Protection of Exhibition Titles, China Intellectual Property News, May. 16, 2007.

Analysis on the Regulation of Pirated Software Based on the 'Bad Money Drives Out Good' Principle, China Intellectual Property News, Sept. 20, 2006. 

The Issue of Abusing Intellectual Property Rights Following the Enforcement of the Anti-trust Law, China Intellectual Property News, Sept. 19, 2007. 

Protection of Chinese Color Trademarks Calls Attention, China Intellectual Property News, Feb. 28, 2007.


Disputes Resolution


Ms. Chen obtained her bachelor of Economics degree from Northeast Normal University in 2003, and obtained her Master of Laws degree from the China University of Political Science and Law in 2006.


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