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Bankruptcy and Reorganization

C&F provides comprehensive legal services relating to insolvency, debt reorganization, pre-readjustment and judicial reorganization. C&F attorneys have experience in representing both creditors and debtors as well as reorganizers in bankruptcy or reorganization proceedings. The Firm has also provided legal advice on various issues relating to shareholders’ liability, debt transfer, reorganization plans and bankruptcy. The Firm is listed in the bankruptcy trustees list of the Beijing High Court.

The following are some selected cases of the Firm's legal services in this area:

C&F represented Wuxi Suntech, one of the largest solar photovoltaic manufacturers in the world, in its bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings. The Firm successfully obtained the court’s approval of the reorganization plan and resolved remaining debt issues with the creditors and therefore enabled the reorganizer to acquire the entire equity, business and assets of the company in a clean and debt-free manner.

C&F represented three trust plans subordinated to Capital Securities Co., Ltd. in their disputes with certain debtors and guarantors over certain loans and guarantee contracts.

C&F represented Beijing Huatu Hongyang Education Group, a creditor in the bankruptcy and reorganization proceeding of Shenzhen Xindu Hotel, a listed company on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

C&F's principal legal services in the area of insolvency and bankruptcy include:

Filing for bankruptcy with Courts on behalf of creditors, debtors or other interested parties.

Acting as legal counsel for debtors, reorganizers, shareholders, creditors and other interested parties in a restructuring and reorganization process.

Acting as a bankruptcy trustee upon appointment by the court.

Conducting internal investigations for the purpose of debt reorganization and assets clarification.

Filing with the court demand for mandatory bankruptcy on behalf of shareholders and creditors.

Acting as legal counsel for the company or shareholders in the liquidation process.

Conducting risk management for banks on behalf of regulatory agencies.