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Capital market

Commerce & Finance Law Offices (hereinafter referred as “CFLO” or “the Company”) is a leading law firm in legal services of the capital market.

As one of the first batch of law offices to obtain the qualification of securities legal service, CFLO has been focusing on the field of the capital market at the beginning of its establishment. In the early 1990s, the Company helped the first batch of Chinese enterprises conduct initial public offerings and go public on the domestic and foreign capital markets. CFLO is deeply rooted in the legal services of the capital market and has been developing prosperously with the market economic system of China. In the course of development over the years, the Company has continuously made important contributions to the equity/debt financing of Chinese enterprises in the domestic and foreign capital markets. In 2000, CFLO designed the VIE structure in a creative way, which helped many Internet giants successfully land in the foreign capital market. Up to this day, the VIE structure is still widely used in the foreign red chip listing project of domestic enterprises, and the contribution of the Company has benefited a large number of Chinese enterprises. In the second ten-year of the 21st century, under the background of a changing capital market, CFLO has participated in lots of major transactions with the significance of milestone, made contributions in integration of stated own enterprises, red chip company return and many emerging business fields and has been standing at the forefront of the development of legal business in the capital market. Relying on outstanding performance in the field of capital market for many years, CFLO has been awarded as the best law office of China in the field of capital market by China Law & Practice, International Financial Law Review and other internationally known law magazines or lawyer organizations for many times. Moreover, the Company has been committed to providing high-quality legal services for customers over the long-term. 

CFLO serves for every stage of the development of the enterprise. No matter in the introduction of angel investment, private equity/venture capital, strategic investors or listing, refinancing, issuing bonds and other links, the Company will provide professional and comprehensive assistance to customers. Meanwhile, CFLO will also grasp different characteristics of each customer and take their needs into consideration to provide personalized service for customers, make customers satisfy the basic financing purpose while realize standardized operation, and promote their development in the business based on the industry of customers and own situations of enterprises.