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Improving people’s health by increasing the standards of and access to healthcare is one of the top priorities of the Chinese government. This is reflected in the major and far reaching reforms of the healthcare system undertaken over recent years at both the national and provincial levels. To meet the challenges and opportunities provided by this wave of reform, C&F has organized a very strong team to work in this industry and has become one of the few law firms in China that provides comprehensive legal services to the healthcare industry. C&F attorneys have had opportunities to participate in the reorganization, restructuring and eventual IPO projects of several giant medical and healthcare companies. The Firm has pioneered new models that subsequently have been used in latter projects. As a pioneer, C&F has done a great deal of legal and industry research in the area and has created and pursued many opportunities to discuss with government officials myriad hot legal issues and the political ramifications of the current reforms taking place in the medical and healthcare industry. The Firm believes that such experience and knowledge provides a solid foundation to serve clients, and is committed to provide clients with a comprehensive one-stop legal services in this industry. Legal services include but are not limited to reorganization and restructuring of existing medical and healthcare institutions (such as hospitals), IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, financing and investment.