Litigation and Arbitration

C&F has successfully represented domestic and international clients in many landmark litigation and arbitration cases. 

C&F emphasizes the importance of legal research and industrial knowledge as well as written and oral advocacy. With extensive experience and expertise in the field, C&F is keen to provide its clients with comprehensive legal services for dispute resolution.

Case Representation

C&F attorneys have extensive experience in assisting clients to resolving complex commercial disputes. Below are a few of examples:

C&F secured a series of settlements on behalf of its client during the commercial arbitration proceedings in the London Court of International Arbitration, Singapore International Arbitration Center and an ad hoc arbitration tribunal in Singapore. 

C&F successfully resolved a commercial dispute arising from a series of long term copper concentrates supply agreements between its client, a large state-owned enterprise, and a MNC supplier and thereby avoided a loss of hundreds of million USD.   

C&F successfully defended its client, a photovoltaic components manufacturer, and reduced the damage claimed by the plaintiff from 9 billion RMB to several million RMB. 

The Firm successfully represented a minority shareholder of a well-known pharmaceutical manufacturer in a commercial arbitration case and defeated another shareholder’s attempt to implement a capital increase. The economic interest in case was several billion RMB. 

C&F successfully represented an Internet company in an unfair competition case with another well-known competitor notwithstanding extremely unfavorable social media environment. Ultimately the Firm obtained a judgment in favor of its client, yielding a much larger market share for the client. 

Many cases handled by C&F involved new legal issues of first impression in the nation and eventually became precedents in the field. The Firm’s attorneys have made great contributions to the development of some of the legal theories, such as the legal reasoning and theories underlying the mandatory law application in international commercial arbitration, validity of “valuation adjustment mechanism” and investor exit arrangements in investment agreements, product liability, etc. 

Leader in Commercial Arbitration

More than ten C&F attorneys have been elected by major domestic and international arbitration institutions as arbitrators. These institutions include: China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, China Maritime Arbitration Commission, Beijing Arbitration Commission / Beijing International Arbitration Center, Shanghai International Arbitration Center, Hong Kong International Arbitration Center, Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, Vienna International Arbitration Center, Japan Commercial Arbitration Association and various local arbitration institutions across China.

In addition, C&F attorneys are active participants in academic and legal research on theories and application rules relating to commercial arbitration. Each year, the Firm has several articles published in professional and academic law review journals.  

One-Stop Solution Provider in Dispute Resolution

C&F strives to provide a solution tailored for special circumstances of each case and particular interest of its client in that case. The Firm’s practice cover almost all types of civil and commercial disputes, including but not limited to the following:

Disputes over corporate ownership and management;

Disputes arising from real estate transaction and construction engineering;

Disputes arising from banking and financing affairs;

Disputes resulting from commodity and international trade; 

Bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings; 

Disputes on investment fund transactions;

Disputes relating to intellectual property;

Disputes arising from partnership and joint-venture operations;

Disputes on product quality;

Disputes involving trust, securities or negotiable instruments;

Maritime disputes;

Disputes on unfair competition;

Judicial enforcement, pre-trial lien/preservation and injunction;

Labor and employment disputes;

Insurance claims and settlements;

Disputes arising out of e-commerce transactions;

Recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards;

Disputes involving loans from non-banking or financial institutions;

Medical malpractice disputes;

Family law disputes.