Fund Establishment, Financing and Compliance

C&F is a pioneer legal service provider and market leader in China for fund establishment, financing and compliance matters. Given the different purpose and goal of each fund, the Firm’s services are individualized to provide each client with a pragmatic and cost-effective solution. The legal team of the Firm is comprised of attorneys with a broad range of experience and disciplines including tax, direct investment, banking and finance, antitrust and regulatory compliance. Over the years, the Firm has accumulated rich experience in the establishment and management of a variety of venture capital and private equity funds.

C&F not only works on domestic RMB funds but also provides legal services for the registration of offshore funds (such as US Dollar funds) in China. In many cases, the Firm draws on its experience in overseas capital markets to assist clients in rationalizing their cross-border investment efforts between different markets in order to reduce their legal risks to a minimum level.

As one of the market leaders in the field, C&F has provided legal services for in excess of one hundred funds of different types and categories.

C&F's legal services in fund establishment, financing and compliance include:

Assisting clients in developing and negotiating a plan and structure for RMB and offshore funds;

Assisting clients in communicating with regulatory agencies and industry/professional  associations, and completing private equity fund manager registration and filing procedures and other formalities required under PRC law and regulations;

Advising clients on fundraising, underwriting, promotion and subscription of funds in accordance with the nature of the fund (corporate, limited partnership or contractual);

Conducting legal due diligence investigations into or on behalf of private equity fund managers or potential investors;

Participating in investment negotiations and preparing relevant investment documents on behalf of clients;

Assisting private equity fund managers in determining and setting up internal management and governance mechanisms and risk control procedures under applicable laws and regulations;

Assisting private equity fund managers and private funds in communicating with regulatory agencies and industrial associations on relevant compliance issues in order to find practical solutions within the framework of applicable laws and regulations;

Providing general corporate legal services for established funds.