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Outbound Investment

Against the background of rapid globalization and domestic clients’ ever-growing interest in “going global”, C&F has steadily increased its outbound investment practice, formed a specialized international business transaction team and strengthened its business relationship with major law firms in other jurisdictions. In order to avoid segmenting the transactions among different legal service providers, the Firm is generally retained by clients as the lead counsel in outbound investment projects, which has proven to be an efficient and cost-effective model.

The Firm's strength in this area is rooted in its attorneys’ foreign education background and extensive work experience with major international law firms and its long-standing working relationship with major law firms in foreign jurisdictions. C&F recognizes that this is one practice area that requires multi-level and different professional organizations to work together to produce a satisfactory result. Its goal is to build a cross-border multi-discipline alliance.

C&F's Legal services in the field of outbound investment include:
Assisting clients in designing and constructing the transaction structure;
Advising clients on legal issues relating to domestic filing and approval procedures;
Advising clients on legal issues relating to project financing and foreign exchange transactions;
Participating in project negotiations organized by clients with potential foreign business partners and financial institutions;
Organizing and coordinating legal due diligence investigation efforts on behalf of clients and reviewing legal opinions that may be required from local counsel;
Acting as lead counsel on projects and soliciting legal advice from local counsel on issues relating to local law and regulations applicable to the projects;
Preparing or reviewing and revising transaction documents on behalf of clients;
Coordinating and working with local counsel on issues relating to overseas security and antitrust review;
Presiding or overseeing closing procedures for the project;Advising clients on legal issues relating to the post-transaction business integration or reorganization.