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Foreign Direct Investment

C&F is committed to providing a full range of legal services to foreign investors, including but not limited to:

Assisting foreign investors in setting up foreign-invested enterprises in China, including wholly foreign-owned enterprises, Sino-foreign equity joint ventures, Sino-foreign cooperative enterprises, regional headquarters of foreign enterprises, representative offices of foreign enterprises, partnership enterprises and venture capital firms;

Providing consultation on issues relating to China's foreign investment laws and other laws and regulations; and preparing and issuing legal opinions;

Conducting legal due diligence on behalf of foreign investors for their merger and acquisition operations in China and assisting foreign investors in assessing potential legal risks that may be involved in such investment projects and recommending possible solutions;

Assisting foreign investors in selecting corporate forms appropriate for their investment, designing transaction structures and business models;

Participating in project negotiations on behalf of foreign investors;

Drafting legal documents, including term sheets or framework agreements, joint venture contracts, articles of association, trademark license agreements, technology transfer/license agreements, management service agreements, financing agreements, property purchase/leasing agreements and all other contracts and agreements required for investment projects;

Assisting foreign investors in preparing various tendering and bidding documents and representing them during such process;

Preparing and filing registration documents and handling filing and registration formalities on behalf of foreign investors as such formalities may be required by law for the purpose of project approval or registration;

Assisting foreign investors in establishing internal compliance procedures and conducting relevant training if so required;

Providing daily legal services for the general corporate affairs of foreign-invested enterprises, including but not limited to drafting and reviewing various commercial contracts, participating in business negotiations with other parties, providing consultations on legal issues involving daily business operations and representing clients in administrative and judicial proceedings in the event of government investigation or commercial disputes with other parties;

Providing legal services for equity transfer, investment, establishment of branches and subsidiaries, capital increase and reduction, merger and acquisition, spin off operations, reorganization and liquidation;

Providing legal services relating to labor and employment matters for foreign-invested enterprises including preparing model labor contracts, preparing and reviewing individual labor or employment contracts and severance agreements and representing foreign invested enterprises in event of labor disputes;

Representing foreign investors or foreign invested enterprises in various administrative and judicial proceedings.