Law and Regulatory Compliance

Law and Regulatory Compliance

As part of its traditional legal services, C&F provides its corporate clients with regulatory filing and legal consultation services for law compliance. The Firm currently provides such services to more than 130 companies and financial institutions on an annual or perennial basis. A significant number of these clients are large state-owned and/or publically-listed companies as well as foreign invested enterprises scattered in a wide range of industrial sectors. 

C&F's legal services in this area include the following:

General law compliance consultation and training

Designing and establishment of internal law compliance system

Assistance in regulatory filling, registration and disclosure 

Advising on matters relating to internal share incentive plans

Consultation on general corporate governance matters

Consultation on issues relating to and employment matters

Consultation on environmental protection issues

Consultation on issues relating to governmental procurement

Consultation on issues relating to international trade

Consultation on tax-related issues

Consultation on matters relating to product liability, industrial safety and other industry-specific regulations